Not all water is good!

You would think with what you are paying for bottled water, it would be good for you. This is not the case. Although the water is filtered, in bottled water, it is filtered too much. The minerals in the water are removed, making the water acidic. When we drink acidic water it pulls essential minerals from our bodies’ reserves in an effort to create balance. This process can be taxing on our system and can contribute to brittle bones (leading to osteoporosis). Premium mineral waters possess the minerals we require to balance our bodies. BE:Hydration alkaline sticks add the essential minerals your body needs to the water you are already drinking. If you drink 3 liters a day for a month it will cost you $1.80! Think about that. Can you buy a cup of coffee for $1.80? Isn’t it time to balance your body and get you pH in check? Don’t wait until your body is so out of balance it makes you sick. Act now!

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