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We are BE:Hydration! We use minerals with our organic approach to alkaline water… just like nature! The best springs in the world are based on the minerals they possess! Make your water the best with BE:Hydration!

Look Who’s Drinking our Water

We were happy to supply our BE:Hydration alkaline sticks to Meatloaf and his crew! When on the road it is easy to get dehydrated. We helped him and his crew to hydrate with BE:Hydration water!
Rock 'n Roll Legend
A big thanks and shout out to David Ronayne for his BE:Hydration, an evolutionary way of drinking and enjoying water. It's no longer boring for me. With the alkaline stick inside the water, it's tastier & filled with minerals that has me feeling amazing.
BE:HYDRATION Alkaline Sticks have helped lower my uric acid levels over the last few months...I was thrilled!‚Äč
I have a problem with regular water, it scratches my throat, I get a bloated feeling or burning sensation with regular tap water...from the first sip of BE:Hydration you'll never go back...this water is silky.
The most important thing for me to keep focused and energetic while playing on stage is to keep hydrated. The Alkaline stick makes it easier than ever to achieve this.
Dave Benedict
Bassist, Default
I had no idea about the BE:Hydration product at first! I bought the mineral stick and bottle from David and I was amazed. With my old wrestling injuries - my hip and back suddenly felt better. The acid in my stomach was gone. It's unbelievable. The power of Hydration - Wow! This has literally changed my life.
Rick Titan
WWE Star

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