Every living thing on the planet is made of water. And every living thing on the planet hydrates with water. People, however, tend to ‘hydrate’ with alcohol, pop, milk, coffee, juice, and other drinks. These drinks tend to be acidic and a diuretic. Hydrating your body this way is not efficient and puts a strain on your system. We all know that spring water is good for us. However, some Springs are better than others and what makes them better is the minerals they possess.
BE:Hydration puts essential minerals, which our body needs to function, in to our water through a more organic approach. When you place our stick in your water the minerals infuse. This creates a synergy which enhances the water’s ability to be absorbed by our body more efficiently, hydrating deeper and more quickly. It is also a smoother, wetter, water to drink. The minerals also help our body to function properly by balancing our bodies, keeping it in a beneficial alkaline state, which is essential for our health!
Today, our culture and lifestyle is very acidic. The food that is grown does not have the same nutritional value that it did just 70 years ago. It is produced more for income not for the outcome. Even most bottled waters are filtered so much that the minerals are removed making the water acidic! This leaves our bodies deficient in the essential minerals that it needs. This creates an acidic body prone to serious health issues. Some of these health issues include heart disease, cancer, mental health issues, and diabetes. The good news is BE:Hydration alkaline water can help by providing your body the proper hydration and minerals it needs.