BE:Hydration Cooler Unit


The BE:Hydration Cooler Unit recreates the Earth’s process of purifying, Mineralizing, Alkalizing, and Vitalizing water.


Every drop of tap water is gravity dripped, resulting in long-contact exposure to earth derived elements, transforming it into the most vital and pure water anywhere. Back to Basics.


BE:Hydration Units consists of:


Dome Ceramic Filter
Highly compressed ceramic diatomic substances, it has a very  tiny porous structure of 0.3 less than half size of bacteria, you will get water free from rust, dust, sand, silt and bacteria such as cholera, typhoid, and coliform


Carbon Layer
Charcoal that removes Chlorine

Coconut-shell active carbon carrying silver
Removes THMS (Chemical compounds) in water and adjust the unpleasant
odors and colors


Negative-Ion exchange resin
Adopt Negative-ion exchange resin, which can exchange
Calcium and Magnesium ions in tap water to soften water quality


Silica Sand
Removes acidic components from the water and promote PH
balance in your water


Zeolite infrared bio ceramic ball
Removes heavy metal elements from water like lead, mercury,
aluminum and any other harmful heavy metal which can cause cancer


Mineral disc
Adds minerals to the water. and makes the water alkaline


Energizes – Alkalizes – RE:Mineralize – Tastes Good – Hydrates



  • Ideal for your body’s hydration needs
  • Alkaline water up to 9.5 pH
  • Adds a full range of essential minerals & removes chlorine
  • 5 Stage Filter cartridge last 6 – 8 months
  • Ceramic Filter & Mineral disk last 1- 1 1/2 year
  • Exceptional value & BPA-Free


The Alkaline Cooler unit fits onto your stand alone cooler. It comes with a Ceramic dome pre-filter, a 5 Multi-stage minerals and Alkaline mineral disc.. Easy to assemble. Comes with all filters and ready to assemble! Just add water and enjoy!


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