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Share the love of health and wellness! Buy 3 sticks + 3 bottles and get 1 stick + 1 bottle for FREE! 


Get the best value by purchasing 3 sticks + 3 bottles and getting 1 stick + 1 bottle for FREE!  

The BE:Hydration alkaline stick is an organic approach to adding essential minerals and electrolytes to any drinking water. Our sticks have the best value at 2 cents per liter. This provides an amazing 2000 liters of water with regular use!

The BE:Hydration 27 oz Triton water bottle is PBA free with a handy infuser so it is easy to replace the alkaline stick.

When you use the BE:Hydration stick you are creating a synergy between the water and the essential minerals to significantly enhance the effectiveness of your water. It will be absorbed deeper and faster with the addition of electrolytes (sodium & potassium) and the ionizing effect of the tourmaline, giving you the best absorption without feeling bloated or sitting heavy in your stomach. Minerals are also absorbed more efficiently when infused with water compared to digesting it with food.

Benefits of drinking Alkaline Water: 

  • Water is “lighter’ so you don’t feel bloated or heavy
  • Hydrates more efficiently – deeper and more quickly
  • Provides the fastest way for your body to absorb essential minerals
  • Your water will alkalize with electrolytes such as Sodium & Potassium and essential minerals including Magnesium, Manganese, Zinc, Selenium, Calcium, Copper, & Iron


  • Designed to release essential minerals into your water
  • Lasts approximately 2000 liters – 2 to 3 Liters a day approx: 2 years with regular use (amazing compared to
    other sticks on the marked that can be using minerals compressed and diluted with fillers designed to do a fraction of the time (We have seen sticks that do 40 liter 260 liters 5000 liters and 1000 liters)
  • pH will saturate at 9.5. the water will not absorb past that. If your stick gets chalky, your leaving it in too long
  • Stainless steel housing
  • For all types of drinking water – tap, filtered or bottled
  • Does not filter water


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