BE:Hydration Alkaline Shower Head


When your unfiltered water is heated, in a shower, it is 3 x more toxic to your body than drinking it! Chlorine and dangerous heavy metals become vapor when tap water is heated. As you shower, you inhale and absorb these vapors through your lungs and skin. These chemicals go directly into your blood stream. This can weaken your immune system and disrupt your respiratory, renal, and central nervous systems!


Your hair has positive charge negative ions from water, which will close the cuticle. With it closed, hair holds color better, dries faster, becomes softer and shinier.


Use the Alkaline Shower Head to: 

  • Create a healthier showering environment
  • Reduce up to 99% of chlorine as well as other heavy metals
  • Protect against the ageing and damaging effects of chlorine and heavy metals
  • Restore natural softness to hair, scalp and skin
  • May help reduce eczema and asthma
  • Remove odors and improve water clarity
  • Prohibit growth of bacteria, fungi, and algae
  • Reduce soap scum and calcium build up on shower glass and tiles
  • Quick and easy to install (no plumber needed), attaches to existing shower hose
  • Shower Unit life is 2 years – simple to change by unscrewing shower head


  • removes chlorine
  • makes water softer
  • 9 shower unit adjustments
  • shrinks water molecules
  • replace every 2 years


The Alkaline Shower Head showers your body with incredible soft water molecules reducing chlorine and adding trace essential minerals!


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